Our innovations


In the DNA of our company, as in the name, we love working on new projects. We have a really flexible and responsive Search and Development Team that allow us to bring on new product every second day.

Settled in a high technology lab, that Team allows us to stay high in terms of innovations. Well-equipped and very operational we also have in it same machines as in production but with a smaller size.

Since beginning of the company and thanks to their complementary richness, our 4 agro-food engineers and our culinary advisor ensure new products.

99% of our recipes are made on demand and limited to customers. We start from a brief, a specification note, an idea to create your sauce, soup, puree or marinade that will sublimate your finest dishes. 



Intern sensory analysis is very used with degustation of each sample made in our kitchen-lab. We are truly convinced that taste is the main criterion.