Welcome to our innovative creations of sauces, marinades, soups and purees to restaurants. 

About us  ?

Sauces & Creations is a favourite company to all type of restaurants thanks to its wide range of products, its reactivity and flexibility. Always listening market trends, customers demand, S&C is always working to offer new products, new packagings and new services. 



Our strengths :

  • A family company owned and directed by Daniel Dessaint.
  • Tailored creations  (a new product launched every second day)
  • A flexible and reactive company.
  • A French factory with IFS, BRC and Organic Food certifications
  • An Eco-friendly company

Sauces & Creations has put the customer at the centre of its concerns.

Daniel Dessaint

A visionary man, a charismatic entrepreneur.

He is well-known in food industry. At the age of 22 he became is own boss.

In 1972, he continues his parent’s business which is a small poultry abattoir that employs 18 person. 20 years after, with an increasing growth he sold the company that now counts 500 employees.

In 1994, he started a new company called “Daniel Dessaint Traiteur”, a food factory for pancakes and salads.

10 years after, company has 4 factories and 250 employees. He sold it to retire. But, unstoppable and passionated about founding companies, he created Sauces&Creations in 2007 with a simple idea “each customer is different and has a unique need.” The idea came to him when he was selling salads : “If I didn’t have my cup of sauce, I wasn’t able to sell my salad bowl, and what’s more simple to add more flavours with a delicious sauce”.

From that note was born Sauces&Creations.

20% of employees working in R&D

1 new recipe marketed every second day

100% reactive

5 factory extensions since 2008